“me and that old guitar…”

me and that old guitar

“we loved the day away…”

we loved the day away

“nothing but angles and light…”



her abandoned
palace prison tower
and the time
it took to realize
no one
held her captive
but herself

©2014 Theron Kennedy
aka @BigUrban
Between The Rhymes


in the quiet
for your soft voice
to welcome
me home

©2014 June O’Reilly
aka @LunaJune


An ever-changing portrait
Of a glorious
Sun-lit day
Swirled walls
With golden-hued
Brush strokes

©2014 Joanne Marie Firth
aka @JoanneMFirth


Sea View

a five hundred-dollar port-hole
remodeled to a million-dollar sea view
though all you can see is the sky
and seagulls if you stand on a bar stool

the window doesn’t open
whales might come in
worse, bringing whalers with them

©2014 Gary Blankenship
aka @garydawg


Glimpse of blue through steam
A window to a dream
Sunshine breaking through
Leads to thoughts of you
Reach for golden beam
Of a window to a dream

©2014 Kerry Elizabeth Blickenderfer Black


who would have guessed
the light from your eyes
would bloody my walls
so beautifully

©2014 Diana Matisz
aka @Diana605
Diana’s Words


My gratitude to the five stalwart writers above, for taking on a photograph made of nothing but angles and light. Please click on their names to explore more of their worlds.

“after the climb…”

after the climb

“you fell slowly…”

you fell slowly

“river mist and quicksilver…”


“we let go…”

we let go

In The Garden with Gary / 8



 Green Chili

looking for a little spice
but not heat
theirs a comfortable life
saturday nights for the fire

©2014 Gary Blankenship

“rumpled sheets…”

rumpled sheets

“too long the silence…”

too long the silence

“They can say…” / A Collaboration with S.M. Abeles

DSCN1095 (1)b

They can say
the times have passed me by
like it matters.

I’m here.
I am still here.

The rusted glory
of an old man’s American dream.

©2014 S.M. Abeles

I believe this is my eighth collaboration with one of my very favorite poets. When I took this photograph and was playing with some editing, it suddenly shouted out to me, “This is an Abeles!”.  It reminded me of some of the artwork Scott has used in his own haiga, which is often very sensual and dark. Most of you are familiar with his work but if you aren’t, stop by The Empty Sky and see for yourself why he’s a favorite. I’ve included links below to our other collaborations as well.

The Plea
In The Eye of the Beholder
By Any Other Name

The one below, is a death poem haiga which for some reason that I can’t remember, only made it to Facebook and not onto my blog but it’s one of my favorites. The artwork is mine but the poem/concept was all Scott. Like I’ve said previously, Scott gives me an idea then leads me to the edge of a cliff and pushes me off. And that’s how I like it.

564908_10151216680134195_442510569_n (1)

“forgetting your voice…”




“the switch he never found…”


In The Garden with Gary / 7


Hungarian Yellow

with a home cooked meal/
all his favorites/
stuffed with rice and beef/
just like in the old country

©2014 Gary Blankenship

“the rain in your voice…”

the rain in your voice



“he sped away on a spilt-moon night…”

he sped away

“he was smoke and mirrors, broken…”


“my youth…”

my youth


after staring in the mirror this morning, and wondering when it left

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