“the day he said…”

the day he said


( For an incredible friend, whose gentle nudges, are making me fly)

“never one for hearts and roses…”


never one
for hearts and roses,
i wait for you
through this long night
bound in garlands
of reddened autumn, nearing,
wood smoke in my hair
skin bared and scented
with the air of a river
in flux,
i wait

“I fall in love, infrequently…”



I fall in love, infrequently
but those few hard
and profound descents
have the cinders buried
beneath the skin of my knees
glaring back at me
each time I slip a foot
into a beautiful shoe
or let a man
slip it off.

But despite the scars
and the damage done
I crave the beautiful
and wretched stumble
that brings me so sweetly
and irrevocably, fallen,
to my knees

“tread lightly, he begged…”

tread lightly, he begged

“tangled up in you…”

tangled up in you1

“I lie here in this water…”


DSCN0002-003 (1)a

I lie here in this water
giving birth to something
even I
cannot explain
an abstraction
of another me
against my gut
the way the belly
of the moon
reshapes the curves
of time

before long,
it will split me
and with its
leave me ripe
and opened

“I wake at 3 am…”

Binding the Moon.jpg

I wake at 3 am
tangled up in sheets
that smell of lavender
and books,
my eye
still pressed
to the lens
and all I can see
in this dead hour light
is the moon
and the curves
of our fusion,
he comes,
then goes,
so silently
so sweetly
that if not for the lavender,
I would swear he was a haint

“lust-raked skin…”

lust raked skin

“counting to 100…”


“palms cupped…”

palms cupped

“i’d forgotten how slender, her fingers…”

i'd forgotten how slender

“we were three…”

BeFunky_null_2.jpg 3we were three
mad women
on a mountaintop
coiling poems
round the belly
of the moon
we three


This is for my dear friends @cat_cat and @myearthgirl. Last year, we spent some time together on a mountaintop and this is my thank you to them, for teaching me the joy of being a mad woman, beautifully and how to wear a moustache, with style.

“the slow birth…”

the slow birth

“I Thought of You Today…”

I thought of you today

I thought of you today
I felt that amaranthine rush
and after all this time
the flow began
the slow bleed-out
of good intentions
I missed your eager thrusts
into my mind,
the physicality
of your self-imposed distance,
I missed the arch of  your silence
against my pulse

I wanted you
to be watching
from another room,
your eyes in rapt regard
I wanted you to see me bleed,
just once

“how long shall I carry these words…”


DSCN6728 (11)

How long shall I carry these words
in my mouth
these profane and bitter proclamations
thrusting alongside others,
the ambrosial ones
hived in wildflower honey

How will they fall
when these budded lips
will they eject in a spray
of search and destroy
or trickle out
soaked in vengeful intent

I think I will chew on them
just a little while longer
savor them, suck the venom
right out
then swallow them, deep
their release, hurting no one
but me

“we bared our souls…”

we bared our souls

“beneath the buoyancy…”


Collaboration #3 / 2014



For ~ RP

taught me
he knew

in the center
of that room

each day
a grey-green haze
of expression-threaded

lifted us

gifted us
the ink stains
on the ceiling

I learned
to ignore her

faceless days
shored up
in the corner
pseudo artful

it was easy

to drown out
the spewing
scornful sound
of her dramatic

like kittens
in the bottom
of a bucket

it was always

that she had
to wake
behind that

and I did

© cs moon 2014
Letters to the Moon


fright mask

the wraiths
who wear them

in the places
between walls

© Bauke Kamstra 2014
Positively Wyrde



Don’t disguise your miracles
behind long nights where you lose control,
when you should be seeking
the stories I know you are longing for.

The sweet words you have on pause
should not be kept inside
because the smile lines on your eyes
reflect the brighter ends of you.

I have only known
what was good enough for me,
but in you there is something
worth a whole lot more.

© Hugo Quizhpi 2014


the dark behind the mask
behind the fog
behind the shadows
behind the moon

the light in the crevasses
behind the glare
behind the burn
behind the sun

the frog speaks
the dark grows
until the pond drained

no place to jump

© Gary Blankenship 2014

“writhing on a cotton sea…”

writhing on a cotton sea

Anatomy of a Woman / 10


she told him, pay attention

I’ve enjoyed this series although, this will most likely be the last one, as I’m running out of  body parts I can share. I’m still planning on shooting a masculine series, just as soon as my model volunteers or the one who did volunteer, visits :-)  For those interested, the other 9 in the series are below.


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