Clockwork Harmony

I bend
here to drink
the silhouette
of how time spread-
fingers the old
sluice-pans ripples
of supple gold
in renew
I bend
here to drink
on through

Once again, grateful thanks to Edward Rinaldi @blindedbeatpoet for his gift of words. Please visit his page, “The Blind Lantern” for more.


3 thoughts on “Clockwork Harmony

  1. Carcass of an ancient monster
    a fossil out of this time
    being swallowed back
    into the dark water

    Sorry, these words have been tormenting my mind since I first saw your picture. They only came across clearly today.

  2. A poet’s eye sees and visualizes, when both come together perfectly a new poem is borne. I am witnessing this stupendous transformation and am just amazed!! Wonderful visual and verse.

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