A Date for Lunch

we discussed the weather
the rising cost of mollusks
river current events
all was going well
until i caught him
eyeing up my cookies


6 thoughts on “A Date for Lunch

  1. hmmm….so it all ends up in cookies; eh? Fine write with tongue in cheek humor. The sarcastic & rather sad fact is; it dose happen in real life!!!

  2. I Love it!
    what a gorgeious photo
    and you can just imaging that conversation taking place
    Very Good!


    Take Care….

  3. I’m just smiling at this one. It’s just lovely; in fact it quacks me up… no I really didn’t mean that to come out … sorry!

    I love this poem because it actually says so much in so few words; it could have been a passing ditty, but it isn’t. What it says is actually amazingly good poetry.

    And no I’ve only had one glass of wine (and no cookies) 🙂

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