Lucky in Love

in the form of luck
 pours in
to fill the empty hollows


6 thoughts on “Lucky in Love

  1. Pain, in form of lost “shoe”/ still haunts the “old horse”/ & I am bothered of my illusive “luck”!!!!

  2. held in the bend,
    when needed,
    it into your heart,
    of me ♥
    continually refilled
    by the wind, the rain and the sun
    for you

    always blown away by the fact that a few words speak so loudly
    love it ♥ and you ♥ :~)

  3. give me
    a ticket
    on patina
    ride time
    rocking horse
    window where
    iron meets
    that stay
    to drink
    of course


    love this Diana…thanks for sharing what you do, with the world…Edward

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