in the hollow
of a tree i spy
your seashore
and without thought
i race through sand


13 thoughts on “Seascape

  1. The heart of the matter/ is your finding a seashore & sand/ where all saw plain wood. Amazing perception!!!

  2. What a great photo of a tree and the sea!
    and the words fit in it perfectly…
    Take Care….

      • you are very welocme..
        I enjoy the energy of kindness and calm you leave traces of where you is a winderful gift you give…
        and I love this photo..I would love to find a piece like this for the Healing Garden I am working on…it seems to have connected two of gagia’s element perfectly
        Take care…

      • and that would be Gaia…I haven’t had my coffee yet, just finished feeding the zoo LOLs

          • hmmmmm …okay its the thought that counts here LOLs
            it will make me look closer at the driftwood and fallen trees i use now …they all speak…but I had never seen one where it truely looks like the ocean..that is so cool…
            thanks again, when I want it in my garden i will just log on to your blog and imagine LOLs

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