As The Crow Flies

beat wings
to dust and marrow
to the hollow
where your heart


11 thoughts on “As The Crow Flies

  1. Each feather has a soft story/ of how it skimmed the air/ the panoramic views/ and heart-wrenching loneliness at stratospheric excellence (an ode to Jonathan Livingston Seagull)

  2. As the crow flies
    so do I
    across the night skies
    you hear our cry

    follow us to the edge of time
    leave this confusion behind
    we’ll take our time in kind
    for it is yours and mine

    take what only we need
    together we scatter the seeds
    we gather for those who shall heed
    so within the mist they shall see

    as the crow flies
    so will you and I
    across the night skies
    to the stars on high


    oh I do like your thoughts and picture!
    made the night sing for me!
    Thank you for sharing

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