Where Summer Lives

where fish jump
through concentric eternal circles
birdsong earns a Grammy award
and coal trains
and roll


4 thoughts on “Where Summer Lives

  1. Copper bastion amidst golden shimmer/ with curved bank & lush green willows/ I seek not your silhouette but your twittery flow/ at edge of this heaven let that coal train rattle & roll.

  2. fin to flying round
    green mountain skin
    dagger halving sound
    bottle slide notes
    left on the branches
    reaching through what
    we’ve found writhing
    muddied with warm sin

    this river knows the seasons
    of our thirst for more to burn
    as much as our turn
    towards our little yellow star
    that sings for us
    in the refrain of animals
    heating up Summer’s time
    little by little each day
    songs along the banks
    give thanks cause
    “living is easy” here

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