checking my ley lines
finding them stunted and hobbled
but still attempting


5 thoughts on “Divining

  1. madame dream-way and her ley lines

    lightning fined
    threshed metal desire
    compass times
    compass emits
    high arc angel notes
    in sharp angles
    becoming patient
    with their hunger
    to dress the light
    magnets pinching between
    what was that
    and holy shit
    I just saw Jesus
    reflected in the glass skin
    of the tabernacle in the Sun
    with mechanically armed eyes
    in the neon signs
    blinking magic
    staccato messages
    that said
    careful not
    to drink
    too much
    of the word here
    find your way
    by feel
    and know
    a smile
    says more
    than any
    book ever may

    EJR ©

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