Left To Chance

i fold and tuck my words
into a tree that speaks to me
leaving them to chance
and mother nature


7 thoughts on “Left To Chance

  1. This tree of life/ astute & silent/ we converse; unspoken/ inward flows roots, leaves, branches & life juice/ slowly dissolves/ our dialogue evolves.

  2. I’ve always wanted to comment poetically on one of your photos….hope you don’t mind! This one really sparked an idea.

    i found a message
    tucked into tree’s bark
    while on a solitary walk

    to blow off steam
    and find myself
    away from the city

    away from industrial
    steam-punk cars
    & raging sirens

    the words in that message
    were dreamlike, written
    in invisible ink

    in language I could not read
    nor to be repeated
    apart from future dreams

    yet those words were
    exactly the message
    i needed to hear

    and though the thought
    of who left it here
    for me to find

    tears at me
    it doesn’t matter –
    paper from a tree

    left to chance –
    a whisper on the wind
    a universal hum
    for me to find in tune

  3. bare bark scales
    our dragon tales
    are the fables
    we construct
    and re-construct
    tell the stories
    of what we are capable of
    from our sandcastle whimsy
    to our cornerstones
    still flimsy
    as far as the wind
    is concerned
    we burn life
    in cycles and re-cycled seasons
    all with reasons
    we learn to inhale
    deep as we can here
    searing the exhale
    to what avails
    as the words
    we sail with
    into every horizon
    that is another
    spark of faith
    waiting in the dark

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