Off With Their Heads

which one will lose her head
in the quest
for he loves me
he loves me not

{ no flowers were harmed in the making of this post } 🙂


9 thoughts on “Off With Their Heads

  1. siren curls

    woven sisters
    insist on black and white
    seems the light is captured
    best this way they say
    so why fight gravity
    for a gerbera tiara
    when our colors are
    already inside you

    because you resisted
    the dare that
    we asked of you
    when we said
    close your eyes
    and feel the blade
    the water
    the glass
    the table mount
    stems leaning fast

    you have
    become distilled
    with waiting
    for something more
    than what
    Marie Antoinette

  2. Her heady fantasy/ to pluck for luck/ now a safe haven/ to petals delight/ since she chose to play: “he loves me; he loves me not”/ by peeling off sticky-note collage.

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