2 thoughts on “Submerged

  1. leap time

    bunt haze gathering
    squeezing chance
    into old river valleys
    that are full of souls
    waiting on bone cages
    wading till fingers
    oaring the air
    planting in all
    the fertile wound gravities
    humanity seems to seek
    its permanence in

    everyone here
    at the water’s edge
    seems to know
    we are just a temporary vine
    on this spinning blue rock
    so I am keeping
    the animal options open
    night hunting
    prowling pounce tides
    and embracing
    chances taken
    burning the lightning
    to the beaches
    and reaching
    the very molecular beginning
    of paint, as dyes
    are just our thoughts
    and desires broken down
    by mass and accretional
    bulge wobbles
    with alternating magnetic
    polarities that generate
    electrical pulse movement fields
    controlling our limbs
    through our eyes

    our core intention is
    to eat this
    inner most drive
    to sate this hunger
    without any need
    to explain that this is why
    we roll the deck
    with water proof
    oil based grays
    we want to color
    immediacy, somewhere
    between decision
    and anticipation

    EJR ©

  2. It is not the shimmer/ nor the reflection/ but the un-measurable depth perceived/ that decides/ I plunge & dissolve into you.

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