An Armful of Love

i gather fledgling autumn
bind it in the tulle
of summer’s last breath
and leave it on your doorstep
a forget-me-not
 through the long quiet winter sleep


7 thoughts on “An Armful of Love

  1. this bouquet of thoughts & feelings/ like warmth of seasons untold/ awaits to blossom like aid memoir/ when all else has withered & wilted/ with freezing of time.

  2. I’m not a poet–just an appreciator of the art of both photography and words. Lately I’m enjoying both your posts and the replies you have been inspiring from your readers. Lovely!

  3. Demeter carries through

    what is it about the stars
    that bleed through
    the black glass of night
    to find just the right things
    have pooled inside
    a thought of Summer
    leaning fast
    Her body reposed
    knows to turn towards
    the morning seed feast
    in an ample burn harvest
    call for color
    to run in a sea
    of white haze
    and dew

  4. This is such a lovely and meaningful poem, Diana. It flows beautifully and has everything the reader of poetry needs, including that you managed to condense it into six short lines. Shorter than this comment, in fact!

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