having given up any hope
for escape
to your turbulence
your core


6 thoughts on “Vortex

  1. Calypso

    it is as if you know
    the stars in the sky
    are full of weeping velvet grasses
    all seed-headed and swirling past us
    and into the beaks the dark of night eat with
    stir potting tided dreams on the avenues
    with tiny dioramas everywhere for shoes
    you look to slow finger time
    grinding the fine parts of humanity to dust
    for memory to trace the blind pictures of
    sea caves to kitchens above
    as all you want to know is
    why you came this way
    with your eyes so alive
    with wanting
    with more

  2. Its endless power draws/ inward/ relentlessly/ permitting you calm/ only at its core/ where the lull is so strong/ you crave the vortex once more.

    • I love how you took this in another direction from what I was feeling Gretchen. Surrender was a welcome thing for me but you saw it from a completely different perspective…how wonderful 🙂 Now I need to adjust my eyes, thank you x

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