Altered State

my first night home
 i spy the same birds
in the same branches
they spy me,
in the same skin,


6 thoughts on “Altered State

  1. the fissures in the skies know
    the sentinels of bare branches
    and black birds watch the divides
    this is where we learn to lean
    into what our eyes often miss
    when we keep both hands
    on the wheel and the car moving
    at break neck speeds
    a window sill is as good as any
    traffic light or stop sign
    that says perhaps
    looking into a coffee cup
    is scrying enough
    to feel what you see
    that you can stop time
    just to be while still
    on life’s wonderful journey

  2. reaching back to beginning/ all bearings confirm/ no change, reaffirmed/ except that glint in eye/ on chancing a firefly/ the metamorphosis is within.

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