Three Hands


4 thoughts on “Three Hands

  1. After traditional Indian marriage ceremony it is customary for the groom & the bride to dip their hands in auspicious vermilion powder & leave their full palm prints at conspicuous place where marriage ceremony was conducted. This is a gesture of good omen while starting their married life. My lines follow those thoughts…:

    spent all time searching/ the fourth hand print missing / then realized/ may be the groom was holding his bride/ with all the pride!!!

  2. the key-hole destiny

    there is laughter
    in the angles
    of the index fingers
    the cupped palms
    stay a silent grin
    when they hold
    the slow fire of tumble
    turning teeth towards time
    immortalized and
    drinking the sweet
    of a smile
    when drawn
    like this
    between metal
    and memory

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