Abstract Souls

summer’s end
just one more dance
on the edge

[ Poetry by @bigmax722.  Sandi’s haiga/haiku can be found here at ravencliffs and she has become quite the photographer as well. ]

the diana dimension
bending both
time and space

[ Poetry by @spiderdreamz who was very kind to include me in his thoughts.  His poetry & photography can be enjoyed here at spider dreams. ]

this thousand eyed window
hyper real
filigree of time

[ Poetry by @cat_cat_.  She bends my mind every time she writes and she can do the same for you here at thinking cat. ]

wearing myself thin
 against the netted gold
that tomorrow knows
is waiting in the marrow
 of bones i spill
my dreams are broken
into pieces of rainbows
and all the trees
meanwhile just smile
and survey the sky
for when is the best time
to let their leaves fly
to the same kind
of molecular thin
 i am entering
peering the veils

[ Poetry by @blindedbeatpoet. A prolific writer who is always riding the tides of humanity and passion. Dive in with him here at the blind lantern. ]

a slow bleed
into this empty-pocketed

[ Poetry by me.  You can read more of me here at Diana’s Words ]


2 thoughts on “Abstract Souls

  1. Somewhere deep within/ this rainbow net causes a divide again/ inner & outer defined/ like two halves of same mind/ in between is a narrow space/ where a shadow of doubt for unit reigns.

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