Autumn Nights

the fireworks
only we
can see


2 thoughts on “Autumn Nights

  1. The moments when vision blurs/ & dream breaches nocturnal boundaries/ slow moving kaleidoscope begins/ with emerald flowers & starry fireworks/ all His creations.

  2. in the geometry
    of anticipation
    those closed eye infinities
    know what colors
    births each moment
    we are shaped from inside
    of desire to be gravity
    exhaled onto
    the canvas of what becomes
    second nature
    and only needs
    the feel of a smile
    in the purity
    of the dark
    even mechanical joys
    like mastery over fire
    and metal give way
    to the stars
    and their dead light
    that mimic
    the new skin
    of another morning
    slipping through
    the open window
    to catch the scent
    of mandalas
    that know the wind
    will scatter what can be held tight
    when we breathe in
    to begin painting
    the angles of lean
    in the tides again

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