confession moon
where do you hang the secrets
before prayers

[ Poetry by @bigmax722. Please take a moment to visit her pages here at ravencliffs and take a peek at her wonderful haiga/haiku. ]

applause still sounds
after the last curtain call
the stage is empty
but listen closely
 the performance goes on
in real life

[ Poetry by @CathrynLouis.  Cathryn is an author of contemporary stories.  You can read her work and a little bit about her here at cathrynlouis.com ]

A tribute to ~ the fine young moons ~ lost to night

Set upon the wall ~ it made a fine roost ~ for the castle crows

My crescent blade sled ~ brings ice from the mountain ~ for the minister’s tea

All the naked iron moons ~ defined his lunacy

Broken notes ~ on an iron harp

[ Micropoetry by @Wyrde. After asking him if he’d like to contribute, he offered me a page of incredibly wonderful micropoetry. I’ve chosen the pieces above because they tugged at me immediately. Please take a moment to read more of his poetry here at positivelywyrde.com ]

theorum in sepia
where the mathematics
of rust
go to bathe
in the Sun
you’ll find me
somewhere between
the shadows
and an open window
climbing toward each piece
of me I’ve hooked to this wall
of iron, words and wood
waiting with chalk,
blackboards and the answers

[ Poetry by @blindedbeatpoet. Edward is an obvious favorite of mine. He and his poetry are both balm and inspiration to me. He is on a writing mission this year and well on his way to completing it.  Please take a moment to see his progress at the blind lantern ]


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