collecting left-over
summer light
to keep in a jar
by the bed


6 thoughts on “Winnowing

      • Oh I see them every time I visit your blog and they look into me and I smile for the those eyes see into my soul and I am entranced by their depth, beauty and inquisitiveness. What do they see as they look at me?

        see without
        because they are
        the soul’s antennae
        and as such
        a picture forms
        deep in the soul of those
        who are being looked at
        and that is why I smile
        they see the pictures I can’t
        the pictures
        my soul forms into


  1. from our bones
    to the corollas
    we color our world with
    what we keep inside us
    is that Love that is worth
    cupping in our hands
    to sow its wishes
    in the seams
    between the seasons
    that guide us home
    to where the heart
    is waiting for the pantry
    light to go on again

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