the calendar proclaims
the wind in the maples
cries winter


One thought on “Winterfylleth

  1. along side you

    the scattered pieces
    of tendril cling are
    dreams taking root
    they breathe very slowly
    Winter is coming
    and it is in their eyes
    their exhales
    it is in the slow
    patterned velvet sounds
    of disappearing
    that the wind makes
    as it rakes fingers
    through the maple leaves
    and into songs
    of drop and fall
    of scattered destiny
    and the chances
    taken by all
    of us
    one by one
    step by step
    each day
    that we turn
    to the windows
    waiting to say
    hello again
    my friend
    I am so glad
    you could make it
    back home again

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