Occupational Hazards

no matter
how hard one tries
to ignore
they slither in,
social network trolls
retching futile vitriol
from pustular minds

Life through blue eyes isn’t always pretty.


5 thoughts on “Occupational Hazards

  1. Behind closed ears/ tightly shut eyes/ & smothered mouth/ how can one stop/ ticking of intelligent & sensitive mind?

  2. This is exactly what I thought when I started on “The Page”: spirits, gremlins, ghosts… and trolls! meet us in virtual reality! “Pustular minds” … superb! :-*

  3. we antiquate
    we articulate
    our simian minds
    with our legs
    over the edge
    with our eggs
    over the ledge
    we spy the humpty
    we buy the dump, see
    to scatter our remains
    our broken shells
    all the walls
    that we seek
    to peer around
    to fall from sound
    as we are found
    so near the till
    of gardens
    that we fertilize
    with all that
    we are made of
    we grow bluebells
    and lavenders
    to let the calendars
    know too that
    this is where
    evil may lie

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