Writing In Euclid’s Orchard

i like
how we

[ Poetry by @oldbuffalo. A long-time friend and a first-time contributor here.  Come back and play again Tom x ]

Mashed, meshed, spliced together
silver glints in the sun.
Fortitude and strength
it endures yet another battle.
Blades of steel
cannot shatter courage.
Rust stays at bay
as weather haunts in the background.
Search for me in years to come.

[ Poetry by @Corbie_77.  A lovely friend and a wonderful writer. Please stop by to read more of Corbie’s work at Corbie Sinclairs Blog ]

as if
 these ripples were lathed
made concubines
to pertinence
shy of arc and air
welded to the thrust of
Euclid’s old geometry

[ Poetry by @cat_cat_. A creative genius and dear friend. Lose yourself in her words at thinking cat ]

pearl radio weave
trident over trident
we bathe in blood
and border ourselves
in a fade to black
as the whispers
are really screams
going back inside
the screen door

[ Poetry by @blindedbeatpoet. A prolific wordsmith whose passion bleeds from every poem. You’ll find his words at the blind lantern. ]

bleeding out
from Odin’s battlefield
the mead of inspiration

[ Poetry by me and you can read more of me at Diana’s Words ]


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