Views From A Window

DSCN0105a.jpgLes Nymphéas

Below your surface what fledgling thing,
crying for release,
beats its wings against the cage of your indifference?

Poetry by @artvaughan


Ghost fire
backdraft words
rattling windows

Poetry by @demlips


some stories
just can’t be confined
by glass
or wood
or time

Poetry by @LunaJune


years of forever
then, for a moment
fire rose

Poetry by @bigmax722


From Chrysalis Confined
Wedding dress disassembled
Lying in a tangled heap
Disenchanted dreams resembled
Ne’er to come to pass it seems
Tellingly transfigured
From chrysalis confined,
Distinguished, disfigured,
Becomes angelic wings
Breaks brick, frees fire, soul sings.

Poetry by Kerry Elizabeth Blickerderfer-Black


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