A Collaboration with Brayton Price

b6.jpgHeavy with travel
Not its own.
Wheels worn on
Steel and Timber
Cut from land
That holds it.
Water ignores it
a scorned lover
drawn into sea.
Heavy with travel
carried on by
someone else.

© Brayton Price

I met Brayton through a mutual friend on Facebook. He had tagged my friend in one of his poems and after one reading, I was hooked. Phrases like:  “Musical forms of raw tenderness rise up like river thighs, red onion smooth” and “No holiness invented in worship, contains an afterglow, like the hot handle pavilion of your presence” widened my eyes and had me immediately searching for more. I asked him if he would be interested in a little collaboration and he was kind enough to say yes. He doesn’t post everyday and he admits that it often takes months before he’s ready to share a poem. However, he’s worth the wait. You’ll find him here on Facebook.

Thanks Brayton.


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