An Impromptu Collaboration


ghosts of Pollock/ restless search for paints and pots/ abstracted in death


ghostly Lascaux cavemen/ lost in a sea of modernity/ searching for lost axeheads


The above senyru were graciously gifted by Jackie aka @fumanchucat. If you’d like to read more of her lovely work, please take a moment to visit  1emeraldcity.


Summer landscapes splattered with blood
wandering, wondering, looking for love
Elongated souls pulled thin and clear
Hoping for a single heart that will hear
whispers from deep within alien songs
how a friendless and displaced child ever longs


Kerry Black was one of the members of my creative writer’s group. She writes incredibly wonderful stories, many of which she shares on Facebook from time to time. Clicking on her name will take you there.


no great hurry/ on the killing floor


Tom Killeen is a gentleman I’ve known for several years on Facebook. Our connection is through a shared loved of music, especially the shredders 🙂 Tom also writes poetry but he hasn’t shared much of it, at least not on social networks. He graciously allowed me to read some and I loved his writing from the first few words. If he ever does share it, you’ll see what I mean. Click on his name to go to his Facebook profile.


ice in solid white
taking leap of flight
crossing into color
a realm to discover
colors too hot
melting into drops


Mary Merrell is another writer friend from Facebook.  She is a faithful reader of my blog and she also pens elegant poetry, which you can read here at ladybluerose

Gratitude to you all ♥


5 thoughts on “An Impromptu Collaboration

  1. This was great fun, Diana…Thanks for the opportunity…I liked much…the other contributions 🙂 xo

  2. Thank you Diana,
    This was fun…!
    and I really like the others thoughts …
    Take Care..

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