Collaboration #8 with Brayton Price

3.jpgPoor chapel, slanted and ruined by Termites
Who knows only it’s delicious grainy gourd.
Earthly trapped by Earthly hunger.
They’re vintage as the dissolving daylight
That chews on it’s wooden paneled pews.

It’s Psalms of joyful opiates of omnipotence
Leans forward in shadows black reflection,
But shadows are handprints, cut out of light:
That lives beyond worship in Earthly hunger,
Fulfilled by the collapsing Angels of architecture.

©Brayton Price

This is the final in a series of collaborations with Brayton Price, at least for the moment.  As Brayton explained it to me, he wrote the pieces for the eight photographs he chose, in a frenzy of creativity. Now he may not put pen to paper for some time again. But when he does, I hope I will get a message from him asking for more photographs. Working with him has been an exquisite joy.

“This Side of the River” at Amazon


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