With A Little Help From Some Friends….


Secretive she must be
Yet the glow – she knows – is
Attractive to all of them
Creatures of darkness
Reveling in her musky light
Dreaming of confounding her…

©Honoré  Dupuis

Honoré  Dupuis is a long-time friend on Twitter as well as Facebook. He is a writer and one of my favorite photographers. Please take a moment to read a little about him and his writing at “Of Glass & Paper”. You’ll also find his photography here in “ThisCornerOfTheWoods”.


Electric Flower

In the storm
An electric flower
Thinks on

A paradox of time:
Passing stars
With eternal light


Victor Bueno is another long-time online friend whose work had me happily breaking out my old knowledge of Spanish. There’s something special about being able to read a poet’s words in his/her own language. You’ll find Victor’s poetry and short stories here at “Victor A. Bueno M. | poesía y cuentos cortos”.


a child’s tear –
learning from moonlight
where to hide

©Sandi Pray

Sandi Pray is a lovely friend who surprises on a daily basis with her deeply and beautifully passionate poetry and photography. Her gorgeous work may be found here at “ravencliffs”.


virgin bud, opens with hope
under dew-ripening moon,
perfect petaled beauty, making
every star swoon, she blushes
in blue light tonight

shy yet proud, resplendent in
naked glory, she wants to
scream aloud, this is not
a simple story, her desires fueled
by fires at night

dare she peek at the coming
morn’s light? Or should she
hide behind cravings of love
betrayed, waiting to be picked
and proudly displayed

a delicate question she now
has to reply, should she give
her all, or slowly wilt
and die


The Bogfather aka @mojonathan73 is a new friend on Twitter. This is our first collaboration and I applaud his bravery 🙂 I also hope it won’t be our last. You can find out a little more about him and explore his work here at “Poeticity – feel the noize”.


I live in the dreams of an unexpressed life
and leave out its vivid silver-light contours.

Overcome with visceral anxiety, I see you first,
Even though my vivid passions lose you last.

Don’t worry. You’re among alien moons now,
crossed off an emotional grocery list
or became rain returning to sea.

Darkness is a matter of gathered perspectives
But temporary as affection is –
I wonder at the base of so called flowers:

What will they think of this?
Where is the critical seconds of breath?
How will they touch me?

©Brayton Price

Brayton Price is a relatively new friend but one with whom I’ve now done ten collaborations here at Life Through Blue Eyes. My friend James Rinalducci introduced me to Brayton’s poetry, for which I’m very grateful. If you click on his name, you’ll find yourself at his Facebook page where you might be fortunate enough to catch him writing on that day. Or you can also click on the links below, for our previous collaborations.

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4 thoughts on “With A Little Help From Some Friends….

  1. Love this sharing of friend’s poetry. and most seemed to follow a certain theme, something to do with flowers. I may post the poem I wrote about flowers and their feelings, as soon as I am happy with the ending.

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