Abstract in Rust XXVIII


The red sky and earth blend – dust and fire,
the horizon burns – farms, cattle, folk.
The land is berserk, crying for release –
There’s no way out, except through flames, grime.

©Gary Blankenship

I met Gary through a mutual friend on Facebook. You’ll find him here, writing poetry and occasionally posting lovely photographs. He tells me the above piece is a four-line Chinese short song based on the dust bowl and the Colorado fires. This is our first collaboration here but I hope one of many more.


the ease
of the pigment
the pith
the ache
   of the curve


© Cat Cray

Cat is a dear friend whom I’ve known for a few years. We met in person, for the first time this last summer, and that meeting endeared her to me forever. You may read more of her poetry and view her amazing artwork at  SOMEHOWCONSTANT.


your light ~ bright enough ~ to part the seas ~ of my life ~ so that all can see

© June O’Reilly

June is another long-time friend and one of the sweetest people I know. She’s a fellow guitar hedonist and lover of long-haired men, as am I. I’ve named her Starshine and you’ll find her spreading joy, music and poetry on Twitter as @LunaJune and here on Facebook. You’ll also find more of her poetry at Moon Wanderings.


an All Hallows flask
blood for wicked…wine for winners
embedded in gold

©Jacqueline Dick

Jackie and I have collaborated once or twice here and I’m always happy when she finds a photograph that speaks to her. She is @fumanchucat at Twitter and you may read more of her wonderful poetry at 1emeraldcity.


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