Collaboration #1 / 2014

DSCN2411 (1)

the weight of this mountain/ my roots grow/ up

©Angie LaPaglia

Friend and fellow mountain-tamer. You’ll find this wonderful poet at earthgirl and on Twitter as @myearthgirl.


bend me like the willow /
for you / to come home

©Traci Siler

Friend and fellow typo combatant-in-arms. She’s known to all as @demlips on Twitter. You’ll find her lovely work there.


Reaching through the bright day
the hidden night
vivid summer and cruel Winter’s light
the shade and shape of every tree is something new
And seen anew by passers-by
only the birds remember

© @Love_Shining

Friend and traveler. You can connect with this poet on Twitter as @Love_Shining and also at The Panoply of Life.


Winter Willow
wakes in me
the dream
of springs

©June O’Reilly

Friend and fellow long-haired men hedonist. You’ll find her sharing lovely poetry and photography as @LunaJune on Twitter.


a leaf lets go
the sound of my voice
after so long

©Sandi Pray

Friend and haiga master. You will find her beautiful art at ravencliffs and also at Twitter @bigmax722.


even the sky
stands against the realm
weeping still

lonely hearts
stand against the sky
weeping still

©Joan Roberts

Friend and mountain dweller. Joan’s poetry and photography are found at Shadowleaves and on Twitter @jrobertswi.


Turbulent skies
the great elm

©Honoré Dupuis

Friend, photographer and writer.  You may read him here at Of Glass and Paper and follow along on Twitter @Sisyphus47.


Arms outstretched
Spirits raw, open and bleeding
Stoically we await…
The story to unfold

©Stephanie Riedel

Friend, family, organic food store owner. This is Stephanie’s first time writing here. She’s a lovely person and you can connect with her at Planet Goodness LLC on Facebook.


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