Collaboration #2 / 2014



Twenty-five, twenty-six, twenty-seven, twen…

Beyond branches, behind clouds,
the amount of stars escapes me again.

Their fine illustrious points
dots across the dark blue atmosphere.

Your voice, its familiarity–
the topic at hand–
upsets my attempt to finagle

focus away from our chemistry
gone awry.

You see, Aileen, enumerating stars
helps numb aches
that escalate with each word
you say.

twenty-eight, twenty-nine, thirty…

©2014 Hugo Quizhpi


tangled in my branches ~ winter’s frozen dream

©2014 June O’Reilly


glimmers of light
  through Nature’s Gordian Knot
    finding strongest branch

©2014 Jacqueline Dick


Dot to Dot to Limb

in the unpruned snarl
of an old man’s orchard
numbers number pieces
foggy in an old man’s eyes

hidden beyond the haze –
the memory of 5
knowledge of 7 and 2
mystery of 1 minus 9

why 11 has pushed 12
out of the picture
why the tree is unpruned
why no one ever asks

what’s on the reverse
of the numbered – beyond

©2014 Gary Blankenship


paint by numbers
rivers wintertide

©2014 Traci Siler


your heart
after I broke it
evening sky
the way dreams fit
winter wind
this time i’ll choose
the colours

©2014 Sandi Pray


puzzle of light
maze of wood
forever light seeker

©2014 Honoré Dupuis
Of Glass and Paper



our lineage
is traced

in enumerated shades

of a burgeoning
greenhouse grey

©2014 Christi Moon
Letters To The Moon


My gratitude to all the poets here, who took time out of their days and nights, to find words for this photograph. Please click on their links to connect with them and their writing.


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