“nothing but angles and light…”



her abandoned
palace prison tower
and the time
it took to realize
no one
held her captive
but herself

©2014 Theron Kennedy
aka @BigUrban
Between The Rhymes


in the quiet
for your soft voice
to welcome
me home

©2014 June O’Reilly
aka @LunaJune


An ever-changing portrait
Of a glorious
Sun-lit day
Swirled walls
With golden-hued
Brush strokes

©2014 Joanne Marie Firth
aka @JoanneMFirth


Sea View

a five hundred-dollar port-hole
remodeled to a million-dollar sea view
though all you can see is the sky
and seagulls if you stand on a bar stool

the window doesn’t open
whales might come in
worse, bringing whalers with them

©2014 Gary Blankenship
aka @garydawg


Glimpse of blue through steam
A window to a dream
Sunshine breaking through
Leads to thoughts of you
Reach for golden beam
Of a window to a dream

©2014 Kerry Elizabeth Blickenderfer Black


who would have guessed
the light from your eyes
would bloody my walls
so beautifully

©2014 Diana Matisz
aka @Diana605
Diana’s Words


My gratitude to the five stalwart writers above, for taking on a photograph made of nothing but angles and light. Please click on their names to explore more of their worlds.


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