Collaboration #4 / 2014



We float, effortlessly melding
along blanched parchment
congregating in a mass
of synapses
searching for an outpost.

We reach, over stretched
Querying philosophies
emulsifying in a search for truth,
Not our honesty.

That lies in sensitivity,
where our colours run
ruin, embracing

Enhancing what we once were.

©2014 Shân Ellis

Musings and Smatterings
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The carefree child
Whiles away the day
Watching the grasses and
Waterwitch bugs
Dancing across the swamp

©2014 Archaeomyste

Panoply of Life
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changing seasons
the space between
our heartbeats

©2014 Sandi Pray

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stump of my
p . u . l . s . e
int the ab
the kind I want to-fuck
to-feel as-real  a s  this

©2014 Cat Cray

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the colours of life
swirling by
lifts me up
and catches
my eye

©2014 June O’Reilly

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over the surface of the pond
a midnight blue sheen
the pond empty of life except
ghost pale weeds
and blood red brush

we stand on the shore and ignore
we can no longer breathe
drink the water
talk to the frogs

©2014 Gary Blankenship

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The one I’ve never met

Above the dark side of my world

The one the pond in the park
Still waiting for

Fishes and lotus flowers
Yet skate the world

©2014 Victor Alberto Bueno Marichal

Victor Bueno Blogspot
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