” Oh Icarus, What Have You Done? “


Up here, hollering winds unsettle dust
softening on Empyrean
rising thermals graze cloud meadows
Up here, those who dress in shadows
dare not enter dreams of men.

Upon this brow my nimbus glows
Bestowed on my ascent
I bow in flight, on wings wraithlike
eschew the day to chase the night,
in bolts across the firmament.

Surrender brings lightness to a leaf
Behold my feather, the freer’s blade
Time is but it’s morrows thief,
A bounty box of verdant leaves
Released before the ransom’s paid.

Oh Icarus, what have you done?
Our escape was not your calling
Through life we sleep and death we rise
Yet vanity undreamt your vaster skies
Into an ocean, woken, falling.

©2014 Skip Maselli


This is my first collaboration with Skip Maselli.  We connected through our About.me pages. The first thing I did, was to check out his writing. One read, and I was hooked.  My current favorite piece there is Love Ballad of My Generation.  Please take a moment to visit his links listed below. Read him. You will not be disappointed.

Facebook Link
Twitter Link / @Proseplay
About.me / Skip Maselli


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