Group Collaboration #4 / 2015

standing still
through winters frost
our roots entwined
beneath the snow
our love rising as mist

©2015 June O’Reilly
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grey-scale matinee

she walks
for hours

the barren trees
of the Allegheny

bare feet
brush the rough
wet edges
of a sacred
pull and sway

where nothing
is ordinary

she lets
her tears
slip softly
the river

as the
the colour

©2015 cs moon
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Letters To The Moon


Winters come and leaves die..
I can mourn and blame the lifeless sky..
I can hate the barren land and cry..

But something inside me never dies..
It waits for the morning sky..
It looks for the fruitful land ahead, which may lie..

That something is hope..which never dies..
For it promises me the life, beautiful and high.

©2015 Aditya Sachan
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