Group Collaboration #3 / 2015


polaroid moments
soft hues of summer…
olive green
raw sienna
steel teal…
my crayon box overflows
with vivid memories

©2015 Sharon Greco
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old friends
once upon a time
every wave
seemed to whisper

©2015 Sandi Pray
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nothing coming past,
sailing away

©2015 June O’Reilly
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across the water
to the other side
poor helpless seaweed
on a foreign tide
our harbour yearns
and draws us in
faint and flotsam
we can but begin

©2015 Dominic Moriarty
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Dominic Moriarty Photography


salt on my lips, baptized and dripping
cold, aroused and flowing freely
crawl back with me to the marches, progressions and permanence.
does it ever end?
did it even begin?

©2015 Tom Killeen


In the huts
bamboo clattered
under our love

we wove mats
of grasses tighter
with each tug

our clamshells
could not
be prised apart

the things we twined
with our hands

waves and sky
put out
for the natives

grew florid
spread deeper
reds on the palette

we clambered
into dugouts
paddled off
the earth

the thatched
roofs of the huts

and the gray
of endless

©2015 Reka Jellema
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Along the Boardwalk
Places of mysterious healing
Come escape with me

©2015 Joan Barrett Roberts
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Shadowleaves on Lake Ann


Crestfallen tides
and a sombre sky
and an old awaiting pier
getting older with me
longs for a seafarer
who never came back.

©2015 Rafat Chowdhary
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At the edge of the sea
Pounded by spring tides
A sleeping shack
Large enough for two

Higher on the beach
A drying shed for the fish
We haven’t caught
Too much time sleeping
Too near the edge of the sea

©2015 Gary Blankenship
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The Blue Waters and the Sky…
Always reminds of you..don’t know why..

The distant dream of our home..
Is broken..and somewhere gone.

©2015 Aditya Sachan
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caught up
in the grandeur
of grey-green


in shafts
of summer

and the

by the brackish
mounting swells
of our fluid

©2015 Christi Moon
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Letters To The Moon



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