“there are reasons…” / A Collaboration with Edward J. Rinaldi

IMG_2565_2564there are reasons you call me to the dark

accountability, pocket smooth stone assurances
things that made me feel comforted
and secure in your not knowing
an answer to a question
I never could get rid of…

here is where the poem begins…

take off my skin
and leave your
divinity alone…

clothing torn hastily cast
present the future
a silhouetted past
muscle and bone…
tell me what are you
shamanic references
songs in hoarfrost
climbing an old pane…

are you what used to be
a boiler to bedroom story
more empty than lore be
what is right now…
we both dream
wide awake
mistaking something
often enough
to know nothing
is really worth
taking stock in…

what is it the rain
as snow wants to be
sticky wickets to fences
and spiny armed trees…
your tongue, my fingers…
my wishes as well as my knees…

perhaps it is
every one of these
trials, tributes
and remembering
if we are
to be human
we must
always do
what we can
to be pleased

©2015 EJR

I posted this photograph on Facebook yesterday to show my sister (who is currently in the south) what she’s been missing at home. Minutes later, Edward sent an email to me with a poem for it. He’s a remarkable writer. If you haven’t read him, please check out the links below to do so.

the blind lantern


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