Group Collaboration #2 / 2015


In a pile
of old postcards
a brand new moon

©2015 Traci Siler
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Traci Siler Art


While there is time…

The moon has faded in the clouds
precious light has washed away..
I’ll let the windblown leaves
show me the way

©2015 Roger Zowie
(These are lyrics to his song, While There Is Time, which you may listen to here: Soundcloud)
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The dark sorrows of past often break me apart…
But hope still holds deep in my heart…

I have been hurt million times
Yet I dare to move forward..
Just to find the drop of Love
As I wander through the darkness
But follow lights of the moon

©2015 Aditya Sachan
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The Rising

On these shores,
lovers, loyal only to
each other,
amorously contemplate into
the nebulous swirls
of their stimulated eyes.

The lunar edge
with its cosmic, astral ways
the empty bottles
howling on the dunes.

Ashes from torch-lit aisles
spiral away
from the voices
that are gathered here
to celebrate
the rising of the moon.

©2015 Hugo Quizhpi
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My gratitude to these wonderful friends and writers, for their contributions. Their participation is a joy to me.


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